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Due to the current Covid 19 outbreak, it was decided not to deliver the Waylander this month to individual households. Many of those who distribute and deliver are currently self-isolating and many raised legitimate concerns over cross-contamination and social distancing. The Waylander has been printed and will be available from Jasmine Cottage, Church Road, opposite Thorp House. The box will be placed under the porch so you can take one as you pass by. These are for the residents of Griston, other Wayland villages will make their own provisions so, please, don't take more than you need. You are of course more than welcome to take copies for your self isolating, vulnerable neighbours, but please check they haven't already received one and that they still wish to receive a paper copy. Thanks to Bella Sandcraft and her son the Waylander is now available digitally but is in its infancy so please bear with us. The web address is and includes all our local business advertisers, so please feel free to share the web address far and wide. We hope to resume normal deliveries ASAP. Thank you for your understanding.
Jacqueline Bailey-Tufts.

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