It was great that so many turned out on October 1st to witness Mr Andrew Garner unveil our new village sign, a faithful reproduction of the original, beautifully created by Norfolk artist Fiona Davies. Over the years the colours used in re-paints had varied greatly, so Fiona carefully used colours that would have been prevalent in 1595 when the story was first published, and accurately picked out the detail of the flint of the cottage walls which was carved on the original.
Grateful thanks go thanks to all donors to the project who made it possible and for Mr Garner for "doing the honours" on the day. We now have a sign that we can be extremely proud of and that will last many years and help promote Griston as "The Babes In The Wood" village. 
DB intro FDAG TalksUnveiling
 Parish Council Chairman David              Mr Andrew Garner talks of the               Our sign about to be revealed!
Barnett introduces Fiona Davies                      history of the tale
New Sign
 Ghost of wicked uncle

Our intrepid photographer managed to
get this shot of the Ghost of the Wicked
Uncle just after the sign was revealed!!
Sadly, of the 216 questionnaire's delivered, only 46 were returned, slightly over 21%. In broad terms, almost 4 out of 5 households did not want to take part, so the analysis, such as it is, shows percentages of the returned questionnaires and NOT of Griston's total number of households.
Grateful thanks are due to Hannah Kemp, who kindly offered to do the analysis (and taught me some new Excel skills in the process!)
So, in brief, this is how Griston felt about the 10 main questions;
87% felt Griston is a safe place in which to live.
96% of respondants feel safe in Griston.
70% believe we need a Village Hall.
On good community spirit, the outcome was divided, with 37% thinking there IS one, 39% saying there ISN'T one and 24% neither agreeing nor disagreeing.
59% believed there is not enough for young people to do in Griston with a further 35% neither agreeing nor disagreeing.
89% think there should be more community events, with 83% of respondants saying they would support them.
Less than half (48%) supported the idea of a coffee morning, with 37% neither in favour or against the idea - being at work was cited as a reason for not being able to support one.
65% thought we should have a village shop, 9% disagreed, leaving a quarter of respondants neutral on the idea.
And finally, 87% believe the speed limit on Caston Road should be reduced.
Thank you to everyone who took part. Despite the low response, it shows that we have at least a few residents who care enough to give their honest opinions, which are valuable in assessing how the Parish Council should deploy their energies and finances.
David Barnett
Website Administrator

The Queen's 90th Birthday Party 


clean for the queen certificate 

A Big Thank you to all who attended the party and those who kindly helped at the event.  It was great to see so many children and young people arrive in their fancy dress, who looked brilliant!

king & queen

 It was good to hear the positive comments from the children, young people and adults of their experience of the party. 

 I think you will agree the winners of the best dressed King and Queen were worthy winners, however, all the costumes were great and everyone was a winner!! There were over 40 children & young people attend the party and about 40 adults so a great turnout for our first Griston event. 


queens birthday celebration



We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to those of you who did not make the party as you were unaware of the change of venue.  Due to the poor weather conditions that was forecast for Saturday a last minute change of venue was decided and we took the party inside to Angelica Place. Whilst we placed bunting outside of the venue we inadvertently forgot to place a sign at the recreation ground notifying people of this. Once again our sincere apologies for the oversight.   

 We hope you will attend the next party planned for October and look forward to seeing you then.

 Stephanie & Tracey


For those of you who had placed your children's names on the list to receive a personal invite to the party but who did not attend we have a commemorative coin for you.  

 Could you please contact Stephanie on 883719 to arrange collection of these.   

 The coins will be held until the 6th May    

"Griston Relief In Need" Charity 
This Charity exists to support Griston residents, in need, hardship or distress.
The Charity is available to all sections of the community who have lived in the village over one year and any enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence
Households already receiving a winter fuel allowance need not re-apply for it
Applications for support from the Charity should be addressed in writing to:-
Mrs B M Southgate
Park Farm
NR17 1UP