Young Griston


Thank you for those who have shared their views as to what they would like to see within the village.  It is hoped these will be discussed in due course at  Parish Council meetings. Suggestions so far have been: skate park; meeting place & Brownies, and, of course, a football team as per the item below.




 If you are a young person living in Griston we would like to hear your views as to what you would like to do.  This could be: undertaking football training or creating a football team; attending Beavers; Brownies; Cubs or just wanting a place to hang out with friends.  We would welcome your ideas and suggestions to help us plan for future events.  Please leave your ideas and suggestions by using the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the any page on this website.    




If you are among the youth of Griston and would like to say something or submit a feature for this page please get in touch via the "Contact Us" tab